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The Coroner's Guilt

Welcome to Assassin4hire
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» Code of Conduct

0. Live 4 A4H, Die 4 A4H

1. Follow and Respect the Chain of Command

2. No Drinking Alcohol to point that it can effect Judgement.

3. No Drugs that effect Judgement.

4. Information within A4H stay within A4H.

5. Orders must be followed to the letter; no matter what the cost or risk.

6. If you have a problem with someone higher in command take it up the chain of command until you get a final verdict.

7. No action that you do is allowed to negatively effect A4H or the chain of command.

8. If someone gets A4H member arrested, upon release that person will be killed unless already killed by another member.

9. If non member interrupts A4H business, may result in persistent A4H members attacking non member before resuming A4H business..

10. If A4H member in real life is assign to protect someone and chooses to ignore then death is punishment.

The Rest Coming soon, Rules not in effect until, closer to completion